• Omni-Channel     • PCI/DSS-Compliant     • AML/KYC-Compliant     • Automated CRM     • Agent Tracking     • Real-Time Administration
  • "A positive and efficient client on-boarding experience is a differentiator for those financial institutions able to deliver it to their clients," said Steve Pulley, global managing director -- Risk Managed Services at Thomson Reuters
MARKET: Banks, payment gateways and a growing number of horizontal markets need to collect formal, AML/KYC/PCI/DSS-compliant profiles from clients and customers.

PROBLEM: The expanding "internet of things" (IoT) landscape is forcing businesses to accommodate multiple platforms (apps, desktop browsing and mobile web), and most businesses don't have the in-house resources to keep-up on all important fronts.

SOLUTION: Intelitruth "Whitelabel On-Boarding Suite" delivers turn-key, AML/KYC/PCI/DSS-compliant profile collection and administration -- across the full IoT spectrum.
HORIZONTALS: Growing markets for "online" collection (and management) of PCI/DCC/AML/KYC-compliant profiles:
  • Healthcare
  • Banks & Lending
  • Human Resources
  • Real Estate & Rentals
  • Government & Military
  • FX & Trading Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Pre-Paid Card Services
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Residential & Real Estate
  • Merchant Payments & ISOs
Streamline, fuel and revitalize your merchant on-boarding efforts with Intelitruth Whitelabel AML/KYC/PCI/DSS-Compliant On-Boarding Suite:
    "Digital-Ready" Merchant On-Boarding
    Powerful Sales Differentiator
    Improves Conversions
    Lowers Costs of Acquisition
    Saves Administrative Time
    Bigger SEO "Footprint" (appear in Amazon, Google Play & iTunes App Stores
    More Merchant Approvals
    Increase Your Monthly Revenue

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